2:1    (video)


    Am ~    +  Am - F - G - E


      Am                                                                 F

1. Keeping a brave face in circumstances is impossible,

                                             - G                             E

    cannot describe so many       decisions, it's impossible.

                            Am                                                      - F

    To know which is the proper order, the best position        to be in,

                  G                                                     E            - E ~

    take advantage, or so it seems, the way it goe.....s.


+  Am - E - Am - E


       Am                                        F

2. Sandman comes, two to one, in the dark dark reflections,

    G                                      E

    in my head, in my bed again.

       Am                                      F

    Sandman goes, two in tow, wet and dumb, three's the number,

                  G                                 E      - E ~

    coming down, coming down again.


+  Am - E  - Am - E   - Am


(orig. capo 4th)    (Elastica)