Adios Amigo    (intro)    (midi)


    E - A - E7 - A


         A                                E

1. Adios amigo, adios my friend,

                                   E7                 E                 A

     the road we have travelled has come to an end.

                                   A7                      D               A

    When two love the same love, one love has to lose,

                  E                  A                   B7                  E

    and it's you who she longs for, it's you she will choose.


         A                                                     E

2. Adios compadre, what must be must be,

                          E7                    E              A

    remember to name one muchacho for me.

                        A7                   D              A

    I ride to the Rio, where my life I will spend,

         E       A         E7          A         - E - A - E7 - A

    adios amigo, adios my friend.


         A                                              E

3. Adios compadre, let us shed no tears,

                               E7               E                        A

    may all your maņanas bring joy through the years.

                                  A7                  D                A

    Away from these memories, my life I must spend,

         E       A         E7          A        - E - A - E7 - A

    adios amigo, adios my friend.


(orig. = capo 1st; midi = no capo)    (Jim Reeves)