Alibis    (video)


    C - Am - C - Am


               C                 Am               F                         - G

1. She knows every move that a man could make,

               C               Am              F        - G

    she knows every trick in the book.

               C                  Am           Dm                F

    She knows how to give, she knows how to take,

               Dm          F                          G              G7

    'cause so many times she's been taken and fooled by those....


C              Am                  C

Alibis and lyin' eyes and all the best lines,

 C7                           F                  - C - Dm - G

Lord knows, she's heard 'em all.

                       C                    Am                          C

She's been cheated on and pushed around and left alone,

             C7                   F                         - C

Lord, knows what I've put her through.

 Dm                G           Dm                 G

Boy, you can bet, if a move can be made,

          Dm                 G                  C

she knows how to make one on you.


+  C - Am - C - Am


             C                         Am              F                  - G

2. She once thought that love wasn't just a game,

            C                 Am                      F      - G

    her feelin's once came from the heart.

       C            Am             Dm                 - F

    One day I gave her a weddin' ring,

    Dm             F                    G

    one night I tore all those feelings apart with my.....


+  CHORUS (2x)             +  C - Am - C - Am - C


(orig. capo 4th)    (Tracy Lawrence)