Amphetamine Annie    (video)



    (spoken: )This is a song with a message.

                                                         - G - D

    I want you to heed my warning !



1. I wanna tell you all a story, about this chick I know,


    they call her Amphetamine Annie, an' she's always shovelin' snow.


    I sat her down and told her, I told her crystal clear,


    I don't mind you gettin' high, but there's one thing you should fear.

               D                                               C

    Your mind might think it's flyin', baby, on those litte pills,     

                  G                                                - D

    but you ought to know it's dyin' ‘cause :          Speed kills !!



2. But Annie kept on speedin', her health was gettin' poor,


    she saw things in the window, she heard things at the door.


    Her mouth was like a grindin' mill, her lips were cracked and soar,


    her skin was turnin' yella', I just couldn't take it no more.

               D                                                 C

    She thought her mind was flyin', yeah, on those little pills

             G                                                                   - D

    she didn't know, it was going down fast, ‘cause :          speed kills !!


G                                                            - G - D

    Yeah, speed can kill you too baby !


+ instrumental = verse 1















4. Well, I sat her down and told her, I told her one more time,


    the whole wide human race has taken far too much melamine.


    She said, " I don't care what a limey says, I got to get it on,


    I'm not here to just see one man who come from across the pond."

               D                                                      C

    She wouldn't heed my warnin', lord, she wouldn't hear what I said,

      G                                                                 - D

    now she's here in the graveyard, and she’s        awfully dead !!


+ repeat verse 4 as instrumental …


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Canned Heat)