A night in summer long ago    (video)


    instrumental intro = verse 1, lines 1 to 4


           G                                C

1. My lady, may I have this dance ?

C                    Am              D

    Forgive a knight who knows no shame.

           G                                C

    My lady, may I have this dance,

            C      Am        D             G

    and lady, may I know your name ?


G                         Em  - C

    You danced upon          a soldier’s arm,

C                        Am       D

    and I felt the blade of love so keen,

               G                                           C

    and when you smiled, you did me harm,

C                     D                           G

    and I was drawn to you, my queen.


                        G                                              C

2. Now these boots may take me where they will,

C                              Am       D

    though they may never shine like his,

              G                                   C

    there is no knight I would not kill,

C                    Am       D         G

    to have my lady’s hand to kiss.


                     G         Em         - C

    Yes, and they did take me        through the hall,

C                      Am          D

    to leave me not one breath from you,

             G                                 C 

    and they fell silent one and all,

C                         Am           D             G

    and you could see, my heart was true.


+  instrumental = verse 2










    G                                               C

3.    Then I did lead you from the hall,

C                    Am  - D

    and we did ride           upon the hill,

         G                             C

    away beyond the city wall,

C                         Am      D      G

    and sure, you are my lady still.


G                  Em         - C

    A night in summer         long ago,

C                         Am       D

    the stars were falling from the sky,

            G                                      C

    and still, my heart, I have to know,

C                     Am         - D              G

    why do you love me,        lady, why ?


+  instrumental = verse 3



(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Mark Knopfler)