Anna-Marie    (video)


    F - C   - Am - E - Am


                                              F                                C

1. Well, I'm riding down the highway, no place in mind,

                             G                            Dm

    looking to the trees and the hills behind.

                                          F                                              C

    My whole life is gonna roll away, all the strings gonna fly.

               Am             E                             Am

    at the end of the road lay me down to die.


        G           G7                     F                  C

Ah, Anna-Marie, don't you know me anymore ?

         AmG             F                        Dm

After so long I've tried to open the door.

                                 F                                           C

Every night in my dreams, every day I'm on the road,

    Am                         E                           Am

whoa, this love has gone way out of control !


+  F - C   - Am - E - Am


                              F                                     C

2. It was late last summer, all was turning bright,

                                G                                   Dm

    found a place beside the sea, one starry night.

                     F                                                 C

    So lost inside your love, to the future unafraid,

                           Am                E                      Am

    you know I'm hopin', just a token on your chain.




        Am                          E                            Am

+  Whoa, this love has gone way out of control.



(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Susan Jacks)