Anywhere there’s a jukebox    (video)


    G - C - G    - D - G


           G       C        G                       C                   G

Anywhere there's a jukebox and a flashing neon sign,

           G      C           G                                          D     - D7

anywhere there's a woman with cheatin' on her mind.

           G      C         G              C             G

Anywhere there's music and warm red wine,

   G                 C     G              D                 G

that's where you'll find me until it's closin' time.


               G         C   G                           C            G

1. I was born in Alabama beneath the cold beer sign,

                              G                C               G          A              D      - D7

    learned how to dance on a hardwood floor to 4/4 and 3/4 time.

                   G        C          G                 C                  G

    I met my first cheating woman when I was seventeen,

               G                   C                G                   D                            G

   since then it's been me and old Hank, I understand the songs he sings.


+  CHORUS       +  G - C - G   - D - G


                      G             C          G                  C                            G

2. Now the spotlight's been on Austin, Bob Wills and Western Swing,

             G                        C             G

    but I can't forget the way Hank done it,

                            A                         D         - D7

    and those old songs he used to sing.

       G          C        G                   C                           G

    Conway and Loretta sell the message loud and clear,

                              G        C          G                             D                      G

    they make me want to hit the dance floor, pop the top on another beer.


                                           G       C          G

+  CHORUS         +  Anywhere there’s a jukebox !


    (Razzy Bailey)