Aotearoa    (video)


    C - G - C


           C                          F

Aotearoa the land that I love,

                       G                              C

soft breezes blowing, blue skies above.

                           C                                F

Friendly faces greet me with eyes so true,

           C   - G                                       C

Aotearoa         more and more I love you.


                         F                                            C

1. Each time I leave you my heart seems to say :

                              G                                  C

    Oh, why must I leave you, why can’t I stay

                                F                                     C

    and walk by your ocean so clear and so blue ?

               G                             C

    Aotearoa, oh, how I miss you !


+  CHORUS          +  C - F - C - G - C


                       F                                            C

2. I pray that someday I will see you once more,

                                 G                                          C

    to gaze at your mountains that sweep to the shore.

                                 F                                               C

    Once more I see old friends, they are waiting for me,

                             G                                                     C

    for land of the Long White Cloud, you’re special to me.


+  CHORUS (3x)   +  F


              C    - G                                       C

+  Aotearoa         more and more I love you.


    (Isla Grant)