A very special love song    (video)    (midi)


   C            - Fm                                                              C

1.    Babe,          somewhere I know I'm gonna find it, babe,

D7                                          - Dm                 G

    it'll have my love behind it          and it will be

Em              Am    D7

    a symphony of all you mean to me,

         G       G7    G      G7          C      - Fm

    a very special love song, oh, oh.


              C      - Fm                                                                      C

2. And, babe,         if there's a way you know I'm gonna say it, babe,

D7                                              - Dm                     G

    if there's a melody, I'll play it,          I'll play it through,

         Em            Am        D7

    especially for you and all the words are true,

         G       G7    G      G7          C      - D# - C

    a very special love song, oh, oh.


      D#                                       F                               Bb

    Don't be surprised if you're sittin' alone and you hear it,

    D#                                      F                      Bb

    I'm gonna sing it to the whole big, lonely world.

       D7                                                       Gm

    Turn your radio way down low and get near it,

                D#                - G                              - G7

    and I'll tell the world        I love you, girl.


 C           - Fm                                                                                  C

3.  Babe,       if there's an ounce of love I'm gonna give it to you, babe,

D7                                                                 - Dm                        G

    if there's a breath of life, I'm gonna live it          every day for you.

             Em                             Am    D7

    And, oh, the whole night through singing just for you,

         G       G7    G      G7          C     - Fm

    a very special love song, oh, oh.


    For you.     +  D7 - Dm - G  - Em - Am - D7 - G ....


    (Charlie Rich)