Backstreet affair    (video)


    G - D7 - G


                         G                  G7                 C                      G

1. You didn't know I wasn't free when you fell in love with me,

                   G                      D7                            G

    and with all your young heart you learned to care.

                              G                    G7                           C                       A

    It brought you shame and disgrace, the world has tumbled in your face,

                            G                    D7                G

    because they call our love a back street affair.


              G                               G7               C                                 G

2. They say you wrecked my home, I'm a husband that's gone wrong,

                        G                       D7                       G

    they don't know the sorrow that we've had to bear.

                 G                       G7             C                   A

    For the one that I'm tied to was the first to be untrue,

                          G                    D7                G

    and yet they call our love a back street affair.


+  G - G7 - C - A - G - D7 - G


            G                        G7                          C               G

3. We have each other now, that's all that matters anyhow,

                 G                  D7                  G

    oh, the judgment of gossip's never fair.

             G                             G7                      C                                   A

    We'll just be brave and strong, then someday they'll see they're wrong,

                   G                     D7                G

    let them call our love a back street affair.


                    G                         G7                       C                    G

4. We'll be free for love someday, when all the talk is dead away,

                  G                         D7                             G

    and the happiness we've hoped for then we'll share.

          G                        G7                          C                         A

    I'll climb a mountain high and then the world will hear me cry

                  G                   D7               G

    that our love is not a back street affair.


    (Webb Pierce)