Because of you    (video)


      F                 C                     C7               F

1. Because of you, there's  a  song in my heart,

                         C              C7                    F

    because of you, my romance had it's start.

                         D                         D7

    Because of you, the sun will shine,

                            Gm          D              Gm

    the moon and stars will say you're mine,

        G               G7        Gm    - C

    forever, and never to part.


      Gm   C                C7                  F

2. I only live for your love and your kiss,

                  D               D7               Gm   - D - Gm

    it's paradise to be near you like this.

           Bb         E7         F                         Dm

    Because of you, my life is now worthwhile,

                      Gm        C            F

    and I can smile because of you.


+  D - D7 - Gm - D - Gm   - G - G7 - Gm - C


+  repeat verse 2


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Tony Bennett)