Because of you    (video)


    D - A - Bm - G - A


           D                 A     Bm  - G                      A

1. I'm independent to a fault,      I know this well

             D         A      Bm               G             A

    but I finally found love without losing myself.

     G                  Bm          D             A

    I'm so much happier sharing my life,

     G             Bm                      D              A

    all of the good things and bad things alike.

      D            A              Bm   - G                                 D

    I'm not afraid of the truth,       I'm not me without you.


                     G    A    D    G                             D                  A

Because of you, I'm me, all of a sudden, I'm something I wasn't.

                     G   A Bm  G                             D             A

Because of you, I  see everything I can be, lonely is history.

       G                              D                                 A                - G        D

I know that I'm better when we're together, because of you,      I'm me.


                           D            A                    Bm   - G                           A

2. Well, there's nothing wrong with the world,       oh, when you smile,

                        D          A                  Bm        G                        A

    the most beautiful sound I ever heard is you breathing at night.

          G                 Bm                      D             A

    When you're asleep and don't know I can hear,

                 G             Bm            D              A

    sounds like an angel whispering in my ear.

     D                     A              Bm        G              D

    I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for you.         +  CHORUS


   Bm        F#m         - G                     A                  D

+   I don't need you        the way a child needs a home,

            Bm              F#m    - G

    it's more like I'm free to         admit I'm not too proud to say out loud :

        G                                                           A

    I am who I am 'cause you're part of me now.


                                          A                 - G          D

+  CHORUS     +  Oh, because of you         I’m me.


(orig. = capo 4th)    (Shania Twain)