Frequently asked questions

Question : Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?
Answer : I am a Bearded Collie and I'm 9 years old.
My mum

Question : Why are you doing this?
Answers : It's my hobby. I love playing the guitar.
I love being useful to others.
I love getting nice e-mails and entries in my guestbook.
I think it's necessary to preserve certain kinds of music (e.g. the music of the 50s & 60s).

Question : Is it just you or are you part of a team?
Answer : It's just me and my mistress.

Question : How much time does it take to keep this site alive?
Answer : About four hours a day.

Question : Do you accept requests ?
Answer : I do, but as I am a one-dog team there are limits.
And I do have to like a song or at least find it interesting.

Question : What is your favourite music ?
Answer : Music from the 50s and 60s.

Question : What are your sources?
Answer : Lots of books with lyrics and chords, and the internet.
And, of course, my abilty to listen to a song and find out the chords myself.

Question : Why are some links not activated ?
Answer : These are the songs that will be uploaded a.s.a.p..

Question : Do you do all those midis yourself?
Answer : No, I take what I can find in the net.
Some midis are of bad quality, others are just incomplete demos....sorry!

Question : Why do your chords sometimes not fit in with the midis?
Answer : My chords always represent the record or cd version and not the midis.
Only in the Karaoke section will you find exact renderings of midis.

Question : Why do so many of the"videos" not work ?
Answer : These are just links to videos offered by youtube and they are often deleted
for copyright reasons etc.
But they are an invaluable source of mankind's musical heritage
and you will almost always find another youtube version of the same song somewhere!

Question : Why do you not always give credits to the original singer of a song ?
Answer : I always give credits to the singer of the version
I actually had before me when I did the chords.

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