Beyond my wildest dreams    (intro)


    Bm - D - A (2x)                 D                   - G                                    D

1.                             I didn't ask for much,        as maybe I ought to have,

                  D                      - G                         A

    but I'm staying in touch         with the one I love.

                      D                      - G                                           D

    And I can see in the dials,         and in these headlights beams,

          G            A

    beyond my wildest …


D                                    G         - A - D                                     G

    Beyond my wildest dreams,                beyond my wildest dreams,

A - D                                   G                 A                   - G - A

         beyond my wildest dreams, I've been with you.


                            Bm - D - A

    I've been with you.


                             D                   - G                                       D

2. These are the big playloads,        hammer down on the floor,

                           D                     - G                         A

    these are the restless roads,         every one a war.

                      D                  - G                             D

    But in the flashing lines         I see a love supreme,

          G             A                                                              Bm - D - A

    beyond my wildest…   + CHORUS     + I've been with you.


C                                            G                        - D

    They promised me some good home time,         and some layover pay,

C                              G                   - Gm                                         ~

    the agent he's a friend of mine,            says it's due my way.


                        D                     - G                             D

3. I'd drive a thousand miles,         haul a trailer of tears,

                 D                   - G                                     A

    just to see you smile,         and as the dawn appears.

                D                        - G                                        D

    At the edge of the night        there's still a light that gleams

          G             A                                                                    Bm - D - A

    beyond my wildest…   + CHORUS (2x)    + I've been with you.


+ Bm - D - A (3x) ….


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris)