Bonanza    (midi) 



1. The plain we hold is as good as gold, Bonanza,

      A                                                                         D

    hand in hand we built this land, the Ponderosa Ranch.


    Our birth right is this Cartwright Bonanza,

            D                                                   D7                       G

    we here belong and stand in strong, wrong ain't got a chance.


  D                  G                  D                   A

Day by day, work or play, ready side by side,

  D                   G                         D                    A

hello, friend, come on in, the gate is open wide !


Bound to be a-fightin' free, Bonanza,

    A                                                                  A7               D

swinging pines of boundery lines for the Ponderosa Ranch.


Instr. = Verse 1 + CHORUS


                D                          \

2. Every tree and flower is part of our Bonanza,

             A                                                                    D

    the stars at night, the morning light, water in the dregs.


    We ride along, four man strong, together,

                 D                        \                           D7              G

    every plain and ridge is our heritage, the Ponderosa Ranch.


+ CHORUS +   D - A - A7 - D      D - A - A7 - D ....


(orig. = capo 1st)   (Johnny Cash)