Bubbly    (video)    (midi)


   G - Bm - C - G (2x)


   G                                      Bm

1.    I've been awake for a while now,

C                                              G

    you've got me feelin like a child now.

G                                               Bm

    ’cause every time I see your bubbly face

C                                   G

    I get the tinglies in a silly place.


                       G                                        Bm

It starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose,

                     C                      G

wherever it goes, I always know

                                 G                                   Bm

that you make me smile, please, stay for a while now,

                       C                            G

just take your time wherever you go.


  G                                       Bm

2.   The rain is fallin on my window pane,

C                                     G

    but we are hidin’ in a safer place,

G                                  Bm

    under covers stayin’ safe and warm,

C                                         G

    you give me feelings that I adore.




    Bm      C                      D

+        What am I gonna say,

C - D              G                                 C    - Bm

           when you make me feel this way,

             - C   - - -

    I just         mm !       +  CHORUS       


    G - Bm                  C - G

+               Da da da        (2x)









  G                                       Bm

3.   I’ve been asleep for a while now,

C                                                 G

    you tucked me in just like a child now,

G                                                  Bm

    cause every time you hold me in your arms

C                                             G

    I’m comfortable enough to feel your warmth.


                         G                              Bm

It starts in my soul, and I lose all control,

                               C                         G

when you kiss my nose, the feelin shows.

                                       G                                     Bm

‘Cause you make me smile, Baby, just take your time

                 C       - G

holdin me tight.


            G             Bm             C             G

+  Wherever, wherever, wherever you go !

            G             Bm             C             G

    Wherever, wherever, wherever you go !

G         Bm                 - C                   G

    Wherever you go,        I always know

G                                  Bm                            C      - G

    that you make me smile even just for a while.


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Colbie Caillat)