Butterfly butterfly    (video)


     Em - D - Bm - C (2x)


     Em                                 Am                 - B7

1. Butterfly, butterfly, flying into the wind,

    Em                                            Am

    you can be sure of it, that's no place to begin.

     D                   C                G

    Over thinking every little thing,

            D                   C                    Am      - B7

    acknowledge the bell you can't unring.


           Em   - C     G                         D                        Em        - C

    Tomorro.....w, you don't have to say what you're thinking,

      G                           D                   Em

    you don't have to mean what you say.


+  Em - D - Bm - C


    Em                                  Am                  - B7

2. Butterfly, butterfly, flutter into the skies,

    Em                                   Am

    butterfly, butterfly their molecular cries.

          D                       C                                G

    Chrysalis dreams, waiting on the fifth in-star,

                D                   C                       Am         B7

    these stained glass wings could only take you so far.


Em - C   G                         D              Em          - C

            You don't have to say that it matters,

      G                        D                    Em - C

    you don't have to turn something i........n,

     Am                B7                    Em    - G

    stay with it through thick and thin.

      D               C     - Em          Am       - B7

    Butterfly, begin !           - - -  Butterf........ly.


          Em   - C      G                           D                    Em   - C

    Tomorro....w,  you don't have to mean what you say,

    Am                  D           Em - G    D                           Am - Em - G

    left without a reason to sta.....y, comes the last hurra.................h,

      Am                      C

    here's our last hurrah...


+  Em - D - Bm - C (4x) …