By the time I get to Phoenix (live version)    (video)    (midi)


               Dm                                           Em

1. By the time I get to Phoenix she'll be rising,

             Dm                                                 Em

    she'll find my note I left hanging on her door.

                F                                       G                        Em         - Am

    She'll laugh when she reads the part that says I'm leaving,

              Dm                    C                         Bb     - G

    ‘cause  I   left that girl so many times before.


                       Dm                                                 Em

2. And by the time I make Albuquerque she'll be working,

                     Dm                                                     Em

    and she'll probably stop at lunch and give me a call.

                    - F                            G                          Em        -  Am

    But she'll        just hear that phone keep right on ringing,

               Dm            Bb    - G

    off the wall, that's all.


                       Dm                                              Em

3. And by the time I make Oklahoma she'll be sleeping,

             Dm                                              Em    - Bb

    she'll turn softly and call my name out low.

                           F                G         Em                     - Am

    Oh, and she'll cry just to think I'd really leave her,

           Dm                         G                   Em  - Am

    tho' time and time I've tried to tell her so.

                             Dm   - E                                A    - G      

    She just didn't know        that I would really go,

                  A                             - G

    oh, she didn’t know I’d go.

A                                  G   - A

    She didn’t know I’d go.


(orig. = capo 5th) (Glen Campbell)