Can’t stop my heart from loving you    (video)


    G ~ ~



1. Lady Lee, your love is a cold, cold rain,


    come down on me, always the same.


    Every day is a cloudy sky,

                                       D                       G

    but I just can't find a way to say goodbye.


  - - - - - - - - - -   C                        G

Can't stop my heart from loving you,

                                   D                              G

though you treat me badly and make me blue.

               C               G

I try and try, I really do,

                          D          D7                       G

but I just can't stop my heart from loving you.


      - - - - -  G

2. I tell myself I'm a-gonna go,


    pull out my bag, pack up my clothes.


    I write a note that says we're through,

                                      D               G

    but I always end up tearing it in two.            +  CHORUS


                         C                             G

+  Oh, tell me why, oh, why can't I leave ?

                           C                              D

    What kind of hold do you have on me ?       +  CHORUS (2x) ...


    (The O’Kanes)