Can’t you see    (video)    (intro)    (midi)


    D - C - G - D (5x)


     D                                             - C

1.       Gonna take a freight train,          down at the station,

G                                    D

    I don't care where it goes.

D                                           - C

    Gonna climb a mountain,        the highest mountain,

G                                                      D

    gonna jump off, nobody gonna know.


                  D               C

Can't you see, woah, can't you see,

                  G                                                   D

what that woman, Lord, she’s been doing to me.

                  D                    C

Can't you see, can't you see,

                  G                                        D

what that woman she’s been doing to me.


     D                                 - C

2.      I'm gonna find me,         a hole in the wall,

G                                              D

    I'm gonna crawl inside and die.

D                                - C

    Come a later now,          a mean ol' woman, Lord,

G                                  D

    never told me goodbye.          + CHORUS       + D - C - G - D (2x)


     D                                               - C

3.      I'm gonna buy a ticket now,         as far as I can,

G                                    D

    ain't a never coming back.

D                                       - C

    Got me a southbound,          all the way to Georgia now,

G                                        D

    till the train a run outt'a track.     + CHORUS     


+  D - C - G - D (2x)    + CHORUS (3x)        +  D - C - G - D (3x)   


    (Marshall Tucker Band)