Charlie’s shoes    (video)    (intro)    (midi)


    E - A


          A                    A7                              D

1. I'd like to be in Charlie's shoes, that's what I always said,

                E                                                 E7                    A

    ’cause he had you and everything tied with a golden thread.

                A                    A7                       D

    Oh, Charlie left and went away and when I got the news,

          E                                         E7                            A

    it wasn't long till I was walking round in Charlie's shoes.


  - - - - - - - A                        A7                        D

Now I'm wearing out the shoes that Charlie wore,

         E                         E7                       A

just walking back and forth across the floor.

          A                           A7                   D

The troubles that drove him away I've got for company,

            E                             E7                   A

these nights in Charlie's shoes are killing me.


+  E - A


                A                        A7                             D

2. The greener grass that turned my head so swiftly did turn brown,

                 E                                            E7                     A

    ’cause every little dream I built she's always tearing down.

        A                         A7                            D

    I never knew old Charlie's shoes could have so many tacks

         E                                           E7                         A

    of disappointing sorrows and I wish he had them back.


+  CHORUS   + E - A


(orig. = no capo; midi = capo 7th)    (Billy Walker)