Cherokee Maiden    (video)


    instrumental intro = verses 1 & 2



1. One night when the moon was bright and the moonlight glade,


    that is where I found my little Cherokee maiden,


    the memory of that night of love is lingering here,

     D7                                     G

    and I know I never will forget.


                      C                         D7

2. My little Cherokee maiden, I love her so,

G                                       C

    and though we're far apart,

                      C                            D7

    I know I'll never be trading my love for her,

           D           D7        G

    for anybody else's heart.

                            E                                   Am

    Someday I'll make a trip back to that Cherokee strip,

                Am                           D7  Fm

    and I'll carry her away with me, and

         C                 A7            Dm             Fm

    straight as an arrow flies we'll ride to Paradise,

               C                             - A7                                G7             C

    my sweet little chickadee,        my little Cherokee maiden and me.


+  instrumental = verse 2


+  repeat verse 2



(orig. capo 3rd)    (Merle Haggard)