Children of Kosovo    (video)


Em              Am

    I believe someone’s out there,

D                                                 G                     C       Em

    who’s gonna help me give a nameless child loving care.

Em             Am

    I believe you are out there,

D                                                      G                   C       Em

    you’re gonna help me give the children tender loving care.

          D                      C

    Whoah, whoah, whoah !


                    Em                         D

1. So much hate has turned to vengeance,

                C                                   G

    all the laughter has turned to crying,

                    Em                           D                              C

    while the mothers lose their children, from war to war.

             Em                    D               C                      G

    I am hungry and I’m cold, and I have no one to hold,

           Em                   D                               C     - D                        Em

    my mother and my father are dead and gone.      Where do I belong ?


   C                      G          D                           Em

Children of Kosovo are crying for a helping hand,

         C                      G           D                               Em

the children of Kosovo are dreaming of a peaceful land.


                        Em                      D                          C                    G

2. They have beaten my older brother, they have torn away my sister,

             Em                 D                                     C

    I’m afraid I want revenge, is there no other way ?

                           Em                    D                 C                    G

    Let’s hold our hands tightly together and make as one forever,

                 Em                     D                           C      - D               Em

    you and I can make a change for a better world,        no more war !


+  CHORUS  +  instrumental = CHORUS   +  CHORUS (2x)   + D - Em


    (The Kelly Family)