Christmas in my hometown    (video)


                        C                               G

1. There's a white Christmas in my hometown,

                          G7                                  C

    where the streets are snowy shining bright.

                  C7                                                      F

    And the lights on all the Christmas trees are burning,

                 C                      G                     C

    for old Santa's sure to come this very night.


                     C                                                  G

2. There are jingle bells and Christmas carols singing

                  G7                                               C

    by the children who are walking in the street.

                        C7                                                 F

    Folks are smiling and they're saying Merry Christmas,

                      C                 G                    C

    for there's joy in their hearts as they meet.


                   F                                                  C

Oh, the Christmas chimes are ringing in the tower,

           G                  G7            C        - C7

jingle bells can be heard all around.

                F                                            C

Time for all to go and wait for Santa's coming,

                    G                       G7                      C

’cause it's Merry Christmas here in my hometown.


(orig. moves up half a note to capo 1st here)


                C                                  G

3. I can hear the reindeer in the distance,

                 G7                                                C

    all the sleigh-bells are ringing loud and clear.

              C7                                  F

    Little eyes are closed in their slumber,

                     C                    G                C

    they are waiting for old Santa to appear.           +  CHORUS


    (Charley Pride)