City lights    (video)


    G                            G7                 C

1.     A bright array of city lights, as far as I can see,

              D                                                                   C         D            G

   their great white wave shines through the night on lonely guys like me.

G                                G7                      C

    The cabarets and honky tonks, the flashing signs and lights,

             D                       D7                       D              G

    the broken heart can lose itself in the glow of city lights.


     D                                                        G

    Lights that say, forgive her now in a glass of sherry wine,

     D                                            G

    lights that offer other girls for empty hearts like mine.

               G                 G7                C

    They paint a pretty picture of a world that's gay and bright,

                 D                     D7                  D                    G

    and it's just a mask for loneliness behind those city lights. + D-D7-G


              G                              G7                        C

2. The world was dark, God made the stars to brighten up the night,


    but the guy that put those stars above,

                   C             D               G

   I don't believe he made those lights.

          G                      G7                       C

    It's just a place for me to cry, when things don't turn out right,

                D                   D7                     D                    G

    just a place to run away and hide behind those city lights.


     D                                                      G

    Lights that say, forget her love in a different atmosphere,

     D                                                   G

    lights that lure are nothing but  a masquerade for tears.

               G                  G7                 C

    They paint a pretty picture of two arms that hold you tight,

              D                           D7                      D             G

    and I just can't say that I love you to a street of city lights,

             D                            D7                     D              G

    No, I just can't say that I love you to a street of city lights.


    (Mickey Gilley)