Could you put your light on, please    (video)


    G ~


G                                                                Am

    Could you put your light on, please, it's kind of dark tonight,

          D7                                   C               G

and I feel a little lonely, yes, I need a little light.

G                                                                      Am

    Could you put your light on, please, let me hear a friendly sound !

              D7                                                         C                            G

I could make it through 'til morning if you could let your light shine down.


               D                                               Em

1. She moved so well 'cause she was a dancer,

                     F                                              C                       G

    she went sliding through my questions, glidin' 'round the answers.

             D                                          Em

    Whatever it was, she knew it was holy,

                     F                                        C                             G

    and each time I tried to hold her, a smile come sad and slowly.


    She said, "No one knows me."




       D                                               Em

2. She had a dream, I had my typewriter,


    while I was hacking out such a heavy world,

                      C                         G

    she was weaving one much lighter.

          D                                              Em

    But I never knew just how much it cost her,


    but each time I slept beside her

      C                              G                                       D

    somethin' turned and tossed her, and it did 'till I lost her.


+  C ~



+  Oh, bright times were brighter


    than they'd ever been before, I tell you,

      C                                                   Dm      D#                       - D

    night times were lighter, but they'll never, never be, no


+  CHORUS (2x) ...


    (Harry Chapin)