Country is    (video)    (midi)


    C - G - C     - FC


                  C  - F                         C                 - F

1. Country is         sitting on the back porch,

                           C                                   G

    listen to the whippoorwills late in the day.

                 C   - F                         C            - F

    Country is        minding your business,

                        C       - G                               C       - C7

    helping a stranger       if he comes your way.


                  F                     C      - F

    Country is living in the city,

                             C                              G

    knowing your people knowing your kind.

                 C   - F                   C         - F

    Country is        what you make it,

                 C  - G                   C

    country is        all in your mind.      + C - G - C   - FC


                  C   - F                      C       - F

2. Country is        working for a living,

                           C                                      G

    thinking your own thoughts, loving your town.

                  C - F                           C        - F

    Country is       teaching your children,

                     C              - G                             C        - C7

    find out what's right,        and stand your ground.


                  F                         C              - F

    Country is a-having the good times,

                          C                             G

    listen to the music, singing your part.

                  C   - F                             C           - F

    Country is         walking in the moonlight,

                 C  - G                      C

    country is         all in your heart.     +  C - G - C   - FC


    (Tom T. Hall)