Dance with somebody    (video)    (intro)


    Dm - F - Am


       Dm                                 F  

1. Break your happy home, learn to sing along,


    to the music, to the music.

     Dm                                        F

    Clap your hands and shake, on a summer’s day,

               Am                  G

    to the music, to the music.


                   Dm                                                          F

I'm fallin' in love with your favorite song, I'm gonna sing it all night long,


I'm gonna dance with somebody, dance with somebody,


dance, dance, dance !


                                       Dm                    F                                  - Am

 + repeat CHORUS    +         I'm gonna dance with somebody.


       Dm                             F

2. When you're all alone, we become your home,


    we’re the music,  we’re the music.

       Dm                                F

    When your love's away, and your feel betrayed,

                     Am                        G

    we’re the music, sweet the music.


+ CHORUS (2x)


+ Dm - F - Am (2x)

    Dance, dance, dance….           + Dm - F - Am (2x) + G


+ CHORUS (4x)


(orig. = capo 4th)    (Mando Diao)