Darkest hour    (video)    (intro)


    C - F - C (2x)


                 C                                  F            G          Am

1. It's the tenth of January, and I still ain't had no sleep,

                         C                    F                             G       - G7

    she comes waItzing in the nighttime, made of wings.

                  C                                              F             G         Am

    She is dressed up like a bandit with a hundred sparkling rings,

      C                    F                  G      - G7

    looking for my company to keep.


      F                    G                 C                    F

    Coming closer to me, she doesn't say a word,

                  F                 Dm               G       - G7

    in the shadow of the carved rock tower.

                        C                                           F      G            Am

    Where the sounds of the night were the only things we heard,

F             G           C

    in my darkest hour.


                      C                                                      F        G         Am

2. She don't want to hear no secrets, she would guarantee me that,

               C                             F                            G            - G7

    she knows there ain't no words that can describe her.

                      C                                       F        G       Am

    With her white silk scarves and her black Spanish hat,

               C                            F                 G       - G7

    she knows there ain't no way I can deny her.


                     F               G           C                  F

    Yes, her blue velvet perfume filling up the night,

             F                     Dm                           G        - G7

    the guards are all asleep that watch the tower.

               C                                                 F   G       Am

    The moon light held her breast as she easily undressed

F             G           C

    in my darkest hour.


            C                                                 F               G            Am

3. Her father's in his chambers with his friends all gathered 'round,

                     C                F                  G       - G7

    they are plotting their enemy's demise.







                      C                                 F          G         Am

    With their last detail done they await the coming sun,

             C                 F                     G       - G7

    while I am staring in my lover's eyes.


              F                       G                      C                F

    Her brothers and her sisters are all through for tonight,

          F                             Dm                    G       - G7

    pretending that they've just come into power.

            C                                               F           G    Am

    But she far most of all, knows that they can only fall

F             G           C

    in my darkest hour.           + instrumental = verse 3


                  C                                               F         G        Am

4. Hungry wings, their melodies, while my love awakens me

                C                 F                  G       - G7

    in the midst of the sunbird’s first light.

                             C                                     F         G         Am

    Her hands are holding up the skies as I hid my opened eyes,

                C                        F                         G       - G7

    every move just for herself, and that's so right.


                 F                       G                 C                            F

    Soon I went along my way with no words that could explain,

           F                   Dm                   G       - G7

    as she began descending to the tower.

             C                                           F          G            Am

    Her safety now concerns me, her circumstance to blame,

F             G           C

    in my darkest hour.


(orig. = capo 4th)    (Arlo Guthrie)