Darlene    (video)


    G - C - G


          G                                    D

1. Darlene, sit down I need to talk to you,


    then you do what you want to do, just hear me through.

           G                                   D

    Darlene, you don't need no other guy,


    when you gonna realize how much I love you.


       C                                            G

Darlene, you're an errant pack of all your dreams,

                       D                                        G

I'll have all I'll ever need, if you'll go with me.

       C                                            G

Darlene, I’m sure, I can give you everthing,

                              D              G

I want you for my darlin', Darlene.


+  Instrumental = verse 1


          G                                            D

2. Darlene, we're both tired of just hangin' around


    tired of dreamin' in this sleepy town, the rest is history.




                                  D              G

+  I want you for my darlin', Darlene !

                                   D             G

    I need you for my darlin', Darlene ....



    (T. Graham Brown)