Déjà Vu    (video)


    G ~ ~


   G                         C

1.    If I had been God


    I would have rearranged the veins


    in the face to make them more resistant


    to alcohol and less prone to ageing.


    If I had been God,


    I would have sired many sons


    and I would not have suffered the Romans


    to kill even one of them.

                            D  - Em                                    C     - G

    If I had been God         with my staff and my rod.


    If I had been given the nod,

           C                                       G

    I believe I could have done a better job.


                        C                                   G

2. If I were a drone patrolling foreign skies,

                                   C                                                                G

    with my electronic eyes for guidance and the element of surprise,

                         D    - Em                             C        - G

    I would be afraid         to find someone home.


    Maybe a woman at a stove, baking bread, making rice,

                                               C                            G

    or just boiling down some bones, if I were a drone. - - -


+  C - Cm - G - G7     - C - D# - G



3. The temple's in ruins, the bankers get fat,


    the buffalo's gone and the mountain top's flat.








    The trout in the streams are all hermaphrodites,

            C                                                             - G

    you lean to the left but you vote to the right.


    G                             C

4.      And it feels like déjà vu,

G                                                     C

    the sun goes down and I'm still missing you,

G                                  C

    counting the cost of love that got lost.


    And under my Gulf Stream, in circular pools,

                 C                                                                         - G - C

    there's ninety-nine cents worth of drunkards and fools.


+  G - C - G - C       - D - C - G


    (Roger Waters)