Delta Queen    (video)


                       Am                                            E

    Am ~     +  Delta Queen, honey, honey, where you been ? (2x)



1. Tell me, mister, have you seen

           E                                                            Am

    the girl they call the Delta Queen in New Orleans.


    He said, I know the girl you mean,

              E                                                             Am

    she's singing at the Delta Queen, down Seventeenth.


                    C                                            G

And when I saw her there, silver gaslight on her hair,

                              Am                                      E

I didn't mind the smoky room or the smell of stale perfume.

             C                                           G

I only know that she's a fallen angel on her knees,

                            Am                                          E

a woman tired of being alone, the one that I'm now taking home.


     Am                                            E

+  Delta Queen, honey, honey, where you been ? (2x)



2.  She left her home in Baton Rouge,

            E                                                                  Am

    she only had one pair of shoes, what could she lose ?


    The time had come for her to choose

            E                                                                          Am

    between the good life and the blues, what could she lose ?


+  CHORUS (lines 1 & 2 as instrumental)


     Am                                            E

+  Delta Queen, honey, honey, where you been ? (2x)  ...


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Proudfoot)