He whistled at me (reprise)    (video)


    E    G          - B7           - E                 - A     C

1.     Poppa ?         Bell ?        Rocky ?         Dustin !

E          C#m       A            B7

    'ello Rusty, 'scuse my cough,

           E                   A                 E

    it's dusty 'round 'ere, must've just dropped off.


     Am                                                   Dm                     G         C

    Dustin, I have seen the Starlight, I know now what I have to do.

   Dm                                        Am

    I know what you mean, my eyes were shut.

         Bb                    B7

    But I saw it too ! I did Rusty ! Truly !

            E                           G          B7

    So come with me ! Of course I will,

              E                      A              C

    you'll find me pretty quick downhill.

               E                  C#m           A                    B7

    Hey, Dustin, you're cryin', it's true, you're not lyin'.

          E                   A                              E              A

    To ride behind steam trains always makes me cry,

        E                                  G            B7      F#

    I think it's 'cause your smoke gets in my eyes.


(orig. = capo 2nd from here)


                 Dm                   Em              Dm                      Em

2. I'm fed up with all this racing, this electric thing I'm chasing,

                     Dm                      Em                       F                      G

    doesn't have that certain something that a girl expects to hear.

                            C                                               Am

    He never whistles at me, it's damaging my status,

                                         Dm                                             G

    I don't think he can whistle at me, he lacks the apparatus.

                                        C                                              Am

    Why d'you never whistle at me ? Beginning to suspect you.

                                          Dm                                           G

    I need someone to whistle at me, I'm gonna disconnect you !


     F                 C

    C.B., C.B., Dinah's gone and made a disconnection !

     F                       C

    C.B., C.B. You gotta help me in the final section !


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Webber / Stilgo)