Only you    (video)


    C                                      - Dm                              G7

1.     Pearl, I had to find you.        Why you looking blue ?

C                 Em                                 G

    I'm sorry you never found your dream train.

C                                         - Dm                                G

    Rusty, I have found him,          you were looking, too,

                     C                                     Dm                   G

    for the Starlight Express. Did you have much success ?

                  F                Dm                 F                       G

    Yes, I found him okay, now I'm brave enough to say …


      - - -   C            Em          F                           G             C

2. Only you ! You are the Starlight ! Have the power to move me.

Em                                  F                G7

    You won the race ? I did ! And together we'll make

              Em                        Am

    the whole world move in sympathy

Dm             G                      C       - Em - F

    you and me we'll be sublime.

      G     C    Em    F                    G             C          - Em - F

    Only he ! Only she ! Has the power to move me,

                          G                             Em                     Am

    take me, make me, hold me, mould me and improve me !

               Dm                  G             F     C

    Only you have the power to move me !


(orig.= capo 2nd)    (Webber / Stilgo)