Dixie Road



1.   I would pick and we would sing to the rhythm of that front porch swing,

               D                                                         A

     the moonlight holds the spotlight that we shared.


    I found new notes on that old guitar, she believed I could be a star,

            B7                                             E

    she told me that she wanted to be fair.



2. She said,     love will only hold you down, boy you're glory bound,

    D                                                                A

    we can't share a world with different dreams.


    So I chased mine and she found hers too,


    but someone else made hers come true,

                                    E                   A

    now I'm a star, but every time I sing.


 - - - - - - - - - -        A

My heart goes drifting down a dusty dixie road,

                     D                        A

taking my mind, back in time.


L.A. lights burn like hell once you know,

                                          E                     A

you left heaven waitin' down the dixie road.



2.Every night I'm in a different place and I'm searching every stranger's face,

      D                                                      A

    trying to find the girl that's just not there.


   She's back there in Montegomery, and I'm clear across the country,

                                       E                              A

    but whenever I'm alone I go back there.  


+ CHORUS  + CHORUS ....(capo 1st)


    (Lee Greenwood)