Down at Lulu’s    (video)


                         E                   - A

    E - A         +      Ba, ba, ba ....    (2x)


   E                         A     - E                          A

1.    See the neon sign,       kids-a stand in line,

E                                      A        - E                                     A

    a-money clenched in hand, oh,   they wanna hear that band, yes, Sir !


         E           A           E                 B7

The bass is thumpin', everybody's jumpin',

         E                       A        E                    B7

the drummer keeps beatin', everybody's meetin'

                E      - A - B7 - A                 E      - A - B7 - A

down at Lulu's,                    down at Lulu's.


   E                     - A

+     Ba, ba, ba ....    (2x)


   E                                   A    - E                                A

2.    Lights are red and blue,        the music gets to you,

E                                      A  - E                                     A

    a-swept right off your feet,    you can't escape that beat because the...


                           E                     - A

+  CHORUS    +     Ba, ba, ba ....    


(orig. moves up half a note to capo 3rd here)     +  E - A


   E                                 A   - E                                          A

3.    See what's dancin' by,       they're gonna catch your eye,

E                             A                       E                         A

    you may come alone, but that's not how you'll go home,


    because the ...


+  CHORUS           +  Down at Lulu's !


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Ohio Express)