Downtown    (video)    (midi)


    C - F - G (2x)


        C                                            F               G

1. When you`re alone and life is making you lonely, 

                   C             - F            G

    you can always go        downtown.

         C                                               F                    G

    When you`ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry

                      C                 - F           G

    seems to help, I know,        downtown.

             C                                     Am

    Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city,

      C                                                 Am

    linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty,

    Em                         - F

    how can you lose,         the lights are much brighter there,

                      Am                D              Am               D

    you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, so go...


   C   Em       F                     G

Downtown, things will be great when you’re,

  C    Em     F            G

downtown, no finer place for sure,

  C    Em     F                   G               C   - F - C - F

downtown, everything`s waiting for you.


      C     F       - C - F

+  Downtown.


      C                Em                           F                 G

2. Don`t hang around and let your problems surround you,

                      C        Em    - F           G

    there are movie shows,       downtown.

       C               Em                      F                G

    Maybe you know some little places to go to,

                        C        Em    - F           G

    where they never close,         downtown.

            C                                       Am

    Just listen to the rhythm of the gentle Bossanova,

      C                                                    Am

    you`ll be dancing with them, too, before the night is over,

     Em               - F

    happy again.       The lights are much brighter there,

                      Am               D               Am              D

    you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, so go ...


   C   Em          F              G

Downtown, where all the lights are bright,

  C   Em        F               G

downtown, waiting for you tonight,

   C   Em       F                 G               C     F        - C - F

downtown, you’re gonna be alright, downtown.


                                                                                C     F       - C - F

(orig. moves up half a note to capo 5th here)   +  Downtown.



      C - Em - F - G   - C - Em - F            G

3.                                                 Downtown !   (2x)


             C                                               Am

    And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you,

      C                                                  Am

    someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to

     Em                       - F

    guide them along.       So maybe I`ll see you there,

                     Am              D              Am             D

    we can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares. So go ...


   C    Em      F                     G

Downtown, things will be great when you`re

  C    Em      F                  G

downtown, don`t wait a minute more,

  C    Em      F                   G              C   - F - C - F

downtown, everything’s waiting for you.


      C      F        C    F

+  Downtown (downtown) ! (4x)   ....


(orig. = capo 4th)    (Petula Clark)