Early Christmas morning    (video)



1. Listen to the children sing,

       G                            A

    watch them dancing all 'round the Christmas tree,

       D                                  G          A             D

    waiting for the opening, early Christmas morning.

     D                                                 G                      A

    All around the world is sleeping, little children, there's no peeping !

        D                                                      G         A             D

    Wait and see what Santa's bringing, early Christmas morning,

       G        A             D

    early Christmas morning.   - - -


+  D - D - G - A    - D - D - G - A - D


+  repeat verse 1        +  G - A


     D                                            G                          A

2. Icicles and breakfast cakes, friends and family, we will celebrate,

       D                                                      G         A            D

    sounds that joy and laughter make, early Christmas morning.

      D                                          G                       A

    All around and far off places angels waken smiling faces,

        D                                                  G          A            D

    wrapping us with love and graces, early Christmas morning.

       G         A            D           G          A

    Early Christmas morning, early Christmas….


+  D - D - G - A     - D - D - G - A - D       +  repeat verse 1


+  G - A - D (8x, with varying bits of lyrics) ....



    (Cyndi Lauper)