Eighteen wheels and a dozen roses    (video)    (midi)


    G - C - G - C


         G                                     C                           Em        - C

1. Charlie's got a gold watch, don't seem like a whole lot,

              D                             C                                  G

    after thirty years of drivin' up and down the interstate.

              G                                              C                  Em          - C

    But Charlie's had a good life, and Charlie's got a good wife,

           Am                             C                                  D

    and after tonight she'll no longer be countin' the days.


                     C                          G

Eighteen wheels and a dozen roses,

                Em                A           D

ten more miles on his four day run.

                     C                               Em     - C

A few more songs on the all night radio,

                  G           Em           C                  D               G

and he'll spend the rest of his life with the one that he loves.


+  G - C - G - C


                 G                                C                 Em       - C

2. They'll buy a Winnebago, set out to find America,

            D                          C                   G

    and do a lotta catchin' up a little at a time.

              G                                                C                   Em             - C

    With pieces of the old dream they're gonna light the old flame,

     Am                                           C                                 D

    doin' what they please, leavin’ every other reason behind.


+  CHORUS         +  C - Am - C - D


+  CHORUS         +  instrumental = CHORUS ....


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Kathy Mattea)