Elizabeth    (video)


         C            - Am                F              G     C

Oh, Elizabeth,         I long to see your pretty face,

   F          C                    - Am                 F             G            C

I long to touch your lips,         I long to feel your warm embrace.

             F                   C    C7                     F           - Dm

Don't know if I could ever live my life without you,

 F      C           - G                              C     - F - C

oh, Elizabeth,       I'm sure missing you.


             F                           G                   F   C

1. I remember when we shared a life together,

                              C                                                          G

    you gave me strength and love and life that felt brand new.

                           F                G                      C

    But you're so far away, I have to say I'm feeling blue,

      F      C           - G                              C   - F - C

    Oh, Elizabeth,       I'm sure missing you.




                             F                       G                            F   C

2. Well, it's been said before that I've caused many heartaches,

       F      C                                       G

    and I wonder if that part’s really true.

               F                       G                           F          C

    Being right or wrong, feels my heart will surely break,

     F     C            - G                                C     - F - C

    oh, Elizabeth,        I hope you understand.




                                      C     C7                    F           - Dm

+  Don't know if I could ever live my life without you,

     F      C           - G                               C     - F - C

    oh, Elizabeth,        I'm sure missing you !

      F      CG C

    Oh, Elizabeth.


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Statler Brothers)