Everybody’s talking    (video)


  D                                            - D7

1.   Everybody´s talking at me,         I don´t hear a word they´re saying,

Em             A                      D

    only the echoes of my mind.


    D                                         - D7

2.     People stopping staring,           I can´t see their faces,

Em                A                      D

    only the shadows of their eyes.


Em                                 A                         - D                                  D7

    I`m going where the sun keeps shining      through the pouring rain,

Em                             A                        D          - D7

    going where the weather suits my clothes.

Em                                  A                       - D                                   D7

    Backing off from the North East wind,        sailing on summer breeze,

Em                            A                   D                          

    skipping over the ocean like a stone.


     D        - D7      - Em      - A   D

3.     Oh,         oh,         oh,       oh.




    D                                             - D7

3.     Everybody´s talking at me,         can’t hear a word they´re saying,

Em              A                     D

    only the echoes of my mind.

  Em                    A                        D

   I won’t let you leave my love behind.

         Em                     A        - D

    Oh, I won’t let you leave .....


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Arlo Guthrie)