Feel like makinlove    (video)    (midi)


   Dm                               - G                                            C    - Bb - A7

1.     Strollin in the park,         watching winter turn to spring,

Dm                               - G                                       C     - F#

    walking in the dark,        seeing lovers do their thing.


F                          - Em                            Dm      Am

    That's the time,        I feel like makin’ love to you.

F                          - Em                              Bb                Am            D7

    That's the time,        I feel like makin’ dreams come true, ooh, baby !


 Dm                                  - G                                                      C - Bb - A7

2.   When you talk to me,       when you're moaning sweet and low,

Dm                                        - G                                           C     - F#

    when you're touching me,       and my feelings start to show.




  Dm                         - G                                         C     - Bb - A7

3.    In a resturaunt,        holding hands by candlelight,

Dm                                   - G                                          C      - F#

    while I'm touching you,      wanting you with all my might,




  Dm                               - G                                          C     - Bb - A7

4.     Strollin in the park,       watching winter turn to spring,

Dm                             - G                                       C      - F#

    walking in the dark,      seeing lovers do their thing.


+  CHORUS ....


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Roberta Flack)