Fly on the wings of love     (midi)


    D - Bm - G - A - D ~


   D                                 F

1.    In the summernight    when the moon shines bright,

G                         A

    feeling love forever.

D                              F                                           G                     A

   And the heat is on    when the daylight's gone,    still happy together.

      Bm                                                      G

    There's just one more thing I'd like to add,

       E                                                A   ~

    she's the greatest love I've ever had.


                   D     Bm   G    A            D  - Bm - G

Fly on the wings of   love, fly, baby fly !

   A                    D      Bm    - E                        A

Reaching the stars above,        touching the sky !


   D                                   F                               G                          A

2.   And as time goes by,     there's a lot to try,    and I'm feeling lucky.

D                                F                                    G                     A

    In the softest sand,   smiling hand in hand,     love is all around me.

       Bm                                                    G

    There's just one more thing I'd like to add,

       E                                                A   ~

    she's the greatest love I've ever had.         + CHORUS


                     D - Bm - G   A               D         Bm      -  G

    If you just fly,                fly on the wings of love,

      A                   D      Bm    - G   Em                E  - A

    reaching the stars above,         touching the sky.


+ CHORUS     + CHORUS    


                        D - Bm - G   A                 D        

    + If you just fly,                on wings of love.


(capo 2nd)         


    (The Olsen Brothers)