For everyman    (video)


   C                       F             G           C                                           F

1.    Everybody I talk to is ready to leave with the light of the morning,

C                                                   F                   G             C

    they’ve seen the end coming down, long enough to believe


    that they’ve heard their last warning.

                    Em                            A                      Dm    - G

    Standing alone, each has his own ticket in his hand,

F                                         G                                              F      - C - F

    and as the evening descends, I sit thinkin’ ‘bout everyman.


    C                                                  F              G                  C

2.     Seems like I’ve always been looking for some other place,


    to get it together,

C                                         F                     G               C

    where with a few of my friends I could give up the race,


    and maybe find something better.

                               Em                                     A

    But all my fine dreams, well thought out schemes

                       Dm               - G

    to gain the motherland,

F                                  G                                      F               - C

    have all eventually come down to waiting for everyman.



    Waiting here for everyman,

C                                              F

    make it on your own if you think you can,


    if you see somewhere to go.

C                F     - G                             G7

    I understand,        waiting here for everyman,

              C                       F    - G                           C 

    don’t ask me if he’ll show,        baby, I don’t know.


+  C - F - C - F (2x)     +  Em - A - Dm - G


     Am                                               F

+          Make it on your own if you think you can,

     Am                                                 D

    somewhere later on you’ll have to take a stand,

       F                                         G

    then you’re going to need a hand.


    C                               F               G                  C

3.     Everybody’s just waiting to hear from the one


    who can give them the answers,

C                                                F                                       C

    and lead them back to that place in the warmth of the sun,


    where sweet childhood still dances,

                          Em                                   A                      Dm              - G

    who’ll come along and hold out that strong and gentle father’s hand.

F                                 G                                            F               - C

    Long ago I heard someone say something ‘bout everyman.



    Waiting here for everyman,

C                                                             F

    make it on your own, make it if you think you can,

    G                                           - C                F

    if you see somewhere to go,       I understand.

Am                                                    F

    I’m not tryin’ to tell you that I’ve seen the plan,

Am                                          D               - F

    turn and walk away if you think I am.

                                    E                                Am                 - C

    But don’t think too badly of one who’s left holding sand,  

F                                 G                                   F               - C

    he’s just another dreamer, dreaming ‘bout everyman.


+  Dm - C - Dm - C (5x)         +  C - F - C - F (3x) …


(orig. = capo 2nd)      (Jackson Browne)