Forever young    (intro)


    C ~~


                    C          G                     C

1. Can you see the early morning chill,

                Am                                   G     - G7

    on the frost that covers this cold hill ?

                     C         C7           F              

    Can you hear the high and lonesome sound

            C          G7        C

    of shovels striking ground?


                   Am        G                      C

2. Can you feel the earth begin to move

                      Am                                           G       - G7

    as though Judgment Day had come too soon ?

                   C             C7       F              

    Can you taste the earth upon her lips,

            C           G7        C

    like one last, lover's kiss?


                   Am          G                   C

3. Can you hear the wind begin to howl ?

          Am                                      G    - G7

    too late, too late, to turn back now.

                  C         C7      F              

    And the fiddle plays until it aches,

            C         G7         C

    and fills her resting place.


            Am         G               C

4. Her mem'ry haunts his heart,

           Am                      G    - G7

    her body burned its mark,

            C           C7             F              

    her soul has flown from his embrace,

            C        G7          C

    no more to fear the dark.


           Am     G                        C

5. Oh, jealousy, where is thy sting ?

               Am                                     G    - G7

    Who knows the poison fruit you bring?







            C            C7            F              

    But fools rush in where angels fear,

            C           G7                             C

    and lose the love they hold most dear.


                  Am           G                           C

6. We will watch him riding through the gates,

               Am                              G      - G7

    to the prison cell that now awaits.

                  C      C7            F              

    He will never, no more, see the sun,

             C        G7               C

    and she will be forever young.

                 C  - - - - - - - - - - F - - - - - -

    He will never, no more, see the sun,

     - - -   C  - -  G7 - - - - - -  C           + C ~ ~

    and she will be forever young.


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Janis Ian)