FourFiveSeconds    (video)


   C                     F                - Am                     G

1.    I think I've had enough,        I might get a little drunk,

C                      F                 - Am   G              C

    I say what's on my mind,        I might do a little time.

C                             F            - Am                     G

    ’Cause all of my kindness        is taken for weakness.


                  C                                F

Now I'm FourFiveSeconds from wildin',

                      Am                            C

and we got three more days until Friday.

                  C                                 F

I'm tryna make it back home by Monday mornin',

      Am                                        G

I swear I wish somebody would tell me, ooh, that's all I want.


   C                       F           - C                                    F

2.    Woke up an optimist,       sun was shining, I'm positive,

C                                     F                - C                                  F

    then I heard you was talkin' trash,       hold me back, I'm bout' to spaz.




 F                    Em                             Dm

3. And I know that you're up tonight thinkin', "How could I be so selfish?"

F               Em                   Dm        Am    - C                                  G

    But you called 'bout a thousand times       wondering where I been.

F                            Em                                   Dm

   Now I know that you're up tonight thinkin' "How could I be so reckless?"

F           Em           Dm Am       C                              G

    But I just can't apologize, I hope you can understand.


   C                F               - Am                        G

4.    If I go to jail tonight         promise you'll pay my bail,

C                        F                 - Am         G                C

    they want to buy my pride,        but that just ain't up for sale.

C                        F            - Am                     G

    See all of my kindness        is taken for weakness.


+  CHORUS (2x)  +  C


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Rihanna ft. Paul McCartney & Kanye West)