Friends    (video)


    G - Cm   - G - Cm     - G


       G                                    C

1. You were always there to talk to,

          G                                     C

    and I was always hanging around,

    Am                                                               D                         - D7

    you were always there to pick me up after love let me down.


       G                                              C

2. I never would have made it without you,

       G                                        C

    I almost made it too late to see,

    Am                                                                 D                       - D7

    all the time I was leaning on you, you were leaning on me.


   G           C                                      G            C

Friends, that's what we've been, is friends through thick and thin.

                      G                     C                - D

We've been friends and our love begins.

           C                        D                   G

And who makes better lovers than friends ?


+  G - Cm   - G - Cm     - G


       G                                                         C

3. Friends should always be something special,

             G                                                 C

    you never know where friendship will lead.

                 Am                                                      D                   - D7

    We are sailing high on the sea of love and forever will be.


+  CHORUS (2x)


+  G - Cm  - G - Cm   - G


    (Razzy Bailey)