Give more love    (video)


    C - Am - C - Am


   C                           Am                    C               - Am

1.   Sometimes this world can be a hard place,

C                        Am                      E      - F - G

    we wonder where we go from here.

Dm                                 - Am

    So many hurting bad,          lost everything they had,

Bb                     F                         G      - G7 - G - G7

    it's hard to know what we can do.


                   C                      Dm                          F                           G

Give more love, give more love, it's what we know we need more of,

                  C            Dm            F                G

from the heart let it start to spread to everyone.

Dm                            - Fm

    Now it's up to you,         there's something you can do,

                 C                       Am                    C       - Am

give more love, give more love, give more love.


   C                 Am                                  C          - Am

2.    So many times when hearts are broken,

C                 Am                        E       - F - G

    so many angry words get spoken.

Dm                                       - Am

    Let's all try to understand,        reach out a helping hand,

Bb            F                    G      - G7 - G - G7

    find a way to make it right.


+  CHORUS           +  instrumental = verse 2, lines 1 & 2


  Dm                                                 - Am

+      There's got to be another way         to get us to a better day,

Bb               F                          G      - G7 - G - G7

    together we can make a change.                             +  CHORUS


                      C                       Am                    C       - Am

+  Give more love, give more love, give more love !

                      C                       Am                    C

    Give more love, give more love, give more love !


(orig. = capo 5th)    (Ringo Starr)