Glass accident    (video)


    D                                               G

1.     Woke up this morning to a glass accident,

A                                            D

    glass fell in love with the floor,

D                                            G

    too many pieces there for me to clean up,

            A                                                D

    so I left a warning message by the door.


       A                                           D

2. Danger on a scary skull and crossbones,

G                                       A

    piece of paper on the floor,

      A                                         D

    covered broken pieces of a love dream lingering there,

G                                   A                         D

    that could do some damage forever more.


               D                                  G

3. Just imagine what could go wrong,

A                                                             D

    and how some lives could change forever,

    D                                             G

    if you’re not careful how you handle delicate things,

A                                       D

    but now is better than never.                   +  instrumental = verse 2


                 D                                       G

4. There was a lingering hope that made it through the dark night,

A                                                     D

    and threatened everything thereafter.

         D                                      G

    A hope that was confusing, looking like a bright light,

A                                                D

    blinding you forever with its power.


+  repeat verse 1


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Neil Young)