Going, going, gone    (video)    (midi)


   C - D - Fm - C


           C      - F                           C

1. It's over,       I left the door unlocked again,

F                                       Em                 - F                              Dm    - G

    but this time someone new walked in      while she was all alone.

          C           - F                                                C             - F

    He told her       that there was much more in life to see


    than she would ever see with me.

F            G                 C                - D - Fm       C

    Now she's going, going, gone.               It's over,


     F                                 C

2.     I never thought I'd see this day

F                                        Em            - F                           Dm - G

    when everything would walk away       that I depended on.

                      C          - F                                          C                        - F

    God, he'll hold her       to make sure she don't change her mind,

                                  Em                  - F            G                   C      - C7

    I've lost her all the way this time,       she's going, going, gone.


F                                   Am                          Dm                  F

    I should have paid attention, there were many warning signs,

G                             Bb                           A7

    but I just never thought she'd walk away.


    Now here I stand in silence,

                  F                  G                        Dm   - G

    just the echo of the words I heard her say.


                  C     - F                                C                       - F

    She said, it's over        much too late to change her mind.

                                Em               - F            G                   C    - F - Fm - C

 I've lost her all the way this time,     she's going, going, gone.


(orig. = capo 4th; midi = capo 3rd)    (Lee Greenwood)